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Creative Openings

Promoting creativity in learning and teaching.

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Creative Learning

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LogoVisual Thinking

visible thinking - creative learning

Read about LVT in the classroom here:

'Thinking about the HOW?'

An examination of how LVT can answer the question about how creative learning techniques can be brought in to the year 6 classroom.

'What does thinking look like'

Examines the benefit of the visual and tactile nature of this approach and how it can be used to generate higher order thinking.

'Using LVT with teachers in training'

Describes and evaluates the use of LVT in the context of teacher training. The importance of the development of a repertoire of creative learning approaches and techniques is stressed here.

LVT in a secondary context

This article, from Gifted and Talented Update describes the use of LVT with secondary pupils.

LVT in the primary context

How can LVT contribute to the delivery of a creative curriculum?

'Joined up Thinking' part 1 & part 2

This article from Teach Primary, spring 2013, describes a recent year six creative learning project.

'Linking Thinking'

Article from edition 4.3 of 'Creative Teaching and Learning' describes a creative learning project in the context of a whole school CPD programme of LVT integration.

Brin Best, another proponent and writer on LVT methodologies describes why this approach is effective in any classroom at